Jim's hot tips

Clusty is a new search engine that helpfully clusters your search results.

Scam-baiting sites scam the scammers: 419eater.com, scamorama.com and sweetchillisauce.com.

Microsoft's Newsbot offers news.

Memo to Me is a free reminder service.

A good guide to weblogs can be found at kinja.com.

Technorati.com lists the top 10 news topics that bloggers are talking about.

Amazon has a great new search engine for searching the web. A key feature is the Site Info button, which gives the same sort of cross referencing as a product search on Amazon's main site.

Google now offers local searching.

Topix.net is the Internet's largest news site.

Wayback Machine offers archives of old versions of web sites.

Free photo album generator at http://www.datadosen.se/jalbum/.

Two ways of avoiding spam: Mailblocks and Key Codes.

See http://labs.google.com for hot new Google offerings being developed. Google Deskbar, for example, lets you search without even opening your browser.

See www.us-cert.gov, where you can sign up for a new national cyberalert that warns of computer viruses.

Find a great intro to online shopping at http://onlineshopping.about.com.

Use http://tinyurl.com to make shorter Internet addresses.

Movie Target gives links to official movie sites.

Decades of Crazy Fads at www.crazyfads.com.

Info on cool gizmos at Gizmodo.

Great how-tos at SoYouWanna.com.

Lists of Bests is a great resource.

Moviepooper tells you the ending.

Find a list of 50 favorite freeware programs for PCs at www.georgedillon.com/web/freewaretable.shtml.

Find Mac downloads at http://download.com.com (not a typo--there are two dot coms in the address).

Free virus software for the PC at www.vcatch.com.

Lots of free software available at www.newfreeware.com.

Wikipedia (www.wikipedia.org) is a free encyclopedia with over 100,00 entries

Useful information about the various search engines, including info on how to use them more effectively at Search Engline Watch. Be sure to check out the section on power searching.

Useful directory of search engines at www.isedb.com.

Howstuffworks offers a basic intro to a wide range of technologies as well s topic categories such as automotive, health, home, money, society, and transportation.

TechnoBrains.com online support forums.

Automated online tech support.

PhoneDog.com finds you the lowest long-distance rate.

Try the Densa Quiz at PressAnyKey.com.

Broadband.com, a free service helps users to find and compare Broadband and Telecom services for home or business from over 30 providers.

Find out anyone's age.

Ask a librarian.

OneLook offers the content of 800 dictionaries.

Bird information.

Info about famous people.

Find the lowest airfares at SideStep.

Epinions.com carries consumer reviews of over 2 million products and services.

Best Internet resources listed here.

Meanings of first names.

Free sound effects.

About.com offers an excellent collection of resources regarding urban legends and netlore and folklore.

Library of Congress's excellent Virtual Reference Shelf.

Another good site for virus hoaxes.

Ads.com is a database of virtually every current television commercials.

Flipper searches the "deep web," that is, web pages that don't ordinary turn up because they're in databases.

The Internet Language Dictionary contains thousands of popular Internet words and definitions.

Teoma, a new search engine that's challenging Google, has some useful features, though a smaller database.

Google now lets you search the latest headlines.

You can now receive news alerts via e-mail from the New York Times on topics of interest. You need to be a registered user, but registration is free.

WebWise from the BBC teaches you the Internet.

MyBookmarks lets you access your bookmarks from anywhere.

Tax info at <http://www.irs.gov> and <http://taxes.about.com>.

Use LowerMyBills.com to find lower prices for long distance service, credit cards, insurance, loans, debt relief, Internet, utilities, and wireless.

GetConnected lets you compare prices for Internet, wireless, local phone, long distance, handhelds, and TV.

Lots of info on the Census Bureau site, including the annual Statistical Abstracts.

DotPhoto.com offers 60 free prints, then 29 cents per print.

Weather Underground provides local time and weather. Google now offers news.

Upload your digital photos to these sites to have prints made: Shutterfly and Ofoto.

Another expert site is AskMeHelpDesk.Com.

The WayBackMachine is a web archive lets you surf old web sites going back to 1996.

RocketNews is a new site for searching topics in the news.

FAQs of the U.S. Government answers common questions about government services and benefits.

Search the discussion groups using Google Groups.

Help for your plants at PlantCare.com.

Some 35,000 radio stations at Live365.

Find a searchable database of 30,000 New Yorker cartoons at Cartoonbank.com. You can also send them as e-cards.

Free e-mail newsletters from the New York Times.

The Merck Manual of Diagnosis and Therapy, used and studied by doctors, and the Merck Manual Home Edition are available at <http://www.merck.com/health>.

Find online privacy info at <http://www.privacy.org> and <http://www.epic.org/privacy/tools.html>.

Fun Flash animations at HotWired's AnimationExpress.Com.

Excellent all-in-one resource start page.

A great site for movies is Movies.Com.

Listen to an actual 1888 recording of Thomas Edison.

Keep abreast of celebrity news at Entertainment Sleuth.

Sound America has recorded bits from an amazing collection of Americana&emdash;cartoons, ads, movies, humor.

eHow offers thousands of sets of instructions: how to change a tire, negotiate a raise, choose a car stereo, get a date, and more.

Download software at Tucows.

Learn to type at Learn 2 Type.

Langenberg gives quick access to maps, telephone directories, search engines, reference works, and more.

Hotsheet.Com offers the Net's best resources at a glance. Also check out Refdesk.com for facts and general information and CEO Express for business information.

MagPortal.Com lets you search the full text of magazine articles that have appeared online on sites such as Newsweek, U.S. News, Science News, Entertainment Today, and more.

OneStop.Net charges just $11 for domain name registration and offers free hosting, but in my experience their service is poor.

DialPad offers free computer-to-telephone long-distance calling, but only for PCs.

Yahoo Alerts lets you specify topics, then regularly scans major news outlets and sends you e-mail alerts when there's news on those topics.

Comparison shopping services include BuyBuddy.Com, Click-the-button, and StreetPrices.Com.

United States Weather Pages is among the best sites for weather information.

Cars.Com, a site featuring the Car Guys of National Public Radio fame, has just about everything you need regarding new and used cars, as well as maintenance and repair.

Google and Northern Light are among the best search engines.

Funk & Wagnalls includes the Funk & Wagnalls Multimedia Encyclopedia, the Random House Webster's College Dictionary, Roget's 21st Century Thesaurus, an atlas, and headline news.

The National Unclaimed Property Database offers a free search resource for the over $35 billion of unclaimed money and property held by state and federal government agencies of the United States. Also check out MissingMoney.Com.

Half.Com lets you buy and sell books, CDs, videos, and computer games. All items listed is guaranteed to cost less than half the original selling price.

Brightmail passes your e-mail through their spam filters to eliminate junk e-mail.

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