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September 2000

I suppose you think I have a fixation on money. But I figure anyone likes a good deal--and there are so many out there on the Internet. If you're going to buy something, why not get it at a low price?

I've recently come across a site that offers free software: Free-CDSoftware.Com. They have a fair selection of CD-ROM titles divided into these categories: Education, Games, Home/Garden, Life Styles, and Productivity. These are commercial software products being offered for free. You do, however, pay a shipping and handling charge of $7.50.

When I visited, one featured selection was the American Heritage Talking Dictionary (which has a retail price of $29.99)--a well-known and respected dictionary. It contains 200,000 definitions and 90,000 spoken word links. If you want to know how to pronounce a word, just click on a link. It also has images, an integrated thesaurus, and a dictionary of cultural literacy. Another featured item was Body Works, a valuable reference guide to human anatomy (which has a retail price of $49.99). It offers rotatable 3-D models.

You might want to also check out Clearance Crazy. They don't sell anything, but they scour the Internet looking for clearance items. They describe themselves as "Your Internet Sales Paper." Rather than categorize their merchandise by product type, they simply divide it according to cost, with a link for items that range in price from free to $5, items from $5 to $10, etc. They also have a link for coupon codes.

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